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What are the Mas Camp's opening hours?

HARTS’s Mas Camp is open Monday to Friday, 12pm – 6pm

What does HARTS's costume package include?

Lunch both days, security, food park amenities, on-site paramedics, mobile restrooms for both Male & Female, goody bag with HARTS souvenirs, the HARTS Cool Zone © & of course your costume

What does HARTS's all-inclusive package include?

HARTS’s all-inclusive package includes access to fully stocked premium alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks from the three rum shop carts and the large drinks trailer throughout the band. The Drink Inclusive cost is $ 750.00

Where can I view HARTS's costumes?

HARTS’s costumes are on display in our Showroom at 5 Alcazar Street St. Clair, from 12 to 6pm.  Costumes may also be viewed via our online galleries at www.hartscarnival.com

When is costume registration for Carnival 2017?

To register for Harts Ultraviolet Jungle Carnival 2017 – Please visit our band house or contact a committee member for your registration details.

To register for Harts Ultraviolet Jungle Carnival 2017 Online send an email to harts@hartscarnival.com with subject – “Register online!”

What do I need for costume registration?

For registration, you need the following:

Size Information:

Ladies: Bra Size (32A-32DD, 34A-34DD, 36A-36DD, 38A-38DD, 40A-40D),

Hip band Size (in inches),

  • XS – 26”-28”
  • Small – 29” – 31”
  • Medium – 32”-34”
  • Large – 35” – 37”
  • XL – 38” – 40”
  • XXL – 41”45”

Bottom Piece Size (XS, SM, MED, LG, XL, XXL)

Ladies:  Bra Option (Bra, Monokini Attachment, Whole piece)

Ladies: Bottom Piece option (low-rise regular, low-rise ruched bikini, Whole piece option, Monokini Attachment, Thong, Hot Shorts)

 Men: Waist Size (in inches)

  • XS  – 26” – 30”
  • Small – 32” – 34”
  • Medium – 36” – 38”
  • Large – 40”+

Costume Downpayments:

  • Female Floormember and  Males:              TT$1,700
  • Female Frontlines:                                         TT$2,700
  • Section Leader:                                               75% of the cost (Downpayment)

Always register through the HARTS Mas Camp or via www.hartscarnival.com to ensure that your registration is valid.

Can I order extra items with my costumes?

Different costumes may have different additional options and upgrades (e.g. Large Headpiece).

See below for some of the more standard additional options and pricing on all costumes for ladies are bottom piece options: (Click here for more details)

Extra Bikini Bottoms

  • Ruched Low Rise Bikini Bottom                 $ 120.00
  • Regular Low Rise Bikini Bottom                 $ 120.00
  • Wholepiece/High Rise attachment            $ 200.00 (extra bottom) $ 100.00 (with costume)
  • Monokini Attachment                                  $ 175.00 (extra bottom) $ 75.00 (with costume)
  • Ruched Boy Shorts                                       $ 130.00 (extra bottom) $ 100.00 (with costume)
  • Thong                                                              $ 120.00
  • Special string side                                        $ 120.00
  • Side Ruched                                                  $ 120.00
  • Monday Shorts                                              $ 200.00 (Extra Only)

Cape / Panel

  • 3 Yard Chiffon Cape                                       $ 250.00
  • Isis (pleated metallic lame’) Cape                   $ 300.00
  • Front and Back Panel                                     $ 100.00
  • Full Panel                                                          $ 150.00

Costumes may also come with options for larger headpieces, backpacks and other embellishments at an additional cost. These options will be detailed on the registration page and in the section photo galleries, along with the cost attached.

I want to bring in my own BRA for decoration?

For inquiries on bringing in your own bra, please contact us directly at the MasCamp or please send an email to harts@hartscarnival.com. Please be advised that the deadline To Bring in your own Bra (TBBs) is September 2nd, 2016. After this NO bras will be accepted!

I'm unable to collect my costume… Can another person collect on my behalf?

The original owner must provide the new owner with a signed letter authorizing the new owner to collect the costume on their behalf, accompanied by a copy of the original owner’s ID.  Additionally the original owner should send an authorization email to harts@hartscarnival.com from the email address attached to the costume.

When do I collect my costume?

The costume distribution schedule will be emailed to all masqueraders, and posted to our website a few weeks before carnival.  Different sections will have different distribution dates. We also offer a Delivery service – (Port of Spain $100.00, Other $ 160.00 some exceptions apply. Please email your questions to harts@hartscarnival.com)

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What is the Fast Track /Paid in Full service?

Fast Track / Paid in Full Service is a priority service provided by HARTS which allows masqueraders who have “Paid in full” for their costumes a minimal wait time when collecting their costumes.  Fast Track persons are given top priority in the costume collection process.

When do I need to pay for my costume?

Your down payment must be paid upon registration to secure your costume.  Installments can be made towards your costume anytime between your initial down payment and early January.

For the 2017 Registrations we are also offering to all of our masqueraders a payment plan where on the day you register with HARTS Carnival you pay us a down payment of $900 you have between the dates you registered to the 30th September 2017 to make an additional payment of $900 to make up the deposit of $1800. If you do not pay the balance you forfeit your first payment and your costume will be cancelled.

After this the outstanding balance must be paid on the day of collection. This final payment can be made in house immediately before collecting the costume (Cash only on Collection day).  Advance payments before early January can be made at HARTS’s Mas Camp (Cash, Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard or LINX) and online via Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard). Please note that No Credit Cards will be accepted after the deadline date in early January. Please visit our website and Facebook page for regular updates on registration info.

How can I pay for my costume?

HARTS accepts Cash, Credit Cards (Visa & MasterCard), and LINX in house and Credit Cards (Visa & MasterCard) online.

I have a comment / complaint – who do I speak to?

Please send any comments to harts@hartscarnival.com

How do I join the HARTS Mailing list?

Send an email to harts@hartscarnival.com requesting to be added to the mailing list.

I have not been receiving emails from HARTS… what can I do?

Please send an email to harts@hartscarnival.com with your information so that we can update our records with your correct email address.  We will send a confirmation once your address has been updated.

Can my husband/wife jump in the band?

HARTS only allows paying masqueraders to jump in the band.  Non-masqueraders may observe from the side-lines outside the band, however they will not be allowed to participate.