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Set your HART on FIRE!

For Carnival 2020, HARTS brings the best of both worlds once again, with the return of the hottest, fully inclusive road experience – FIRE.

FIRE is the new, limitless road experience igniting excitement throughout Harts.

We have energy to BURN! Not only are we bringing endless vybz on the road, but we are also offering an unprecedented experience in Harts.

FIRE on the Road …
• Unlimited premium drinks
• FIRE branded zone: Free Drinks & Music Truck
• Local delicacies

FIRE at the Rest Stop …
• VIP area in the lunch park
• After lunch desserts
• Fix it center for all your glam needs
• Exclusive Vanity Area
• VIP Bathrooms

Early FIRE Seekers – Price Coming Soon
Seek those who fan your FLAMES!

For more information contact the Harts Mas Camp OR send us an email at: hartscarnivalfire@gmail.com

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