The Key to Carnival


  1. Do not drink and drive, lose your belongings, text your ex … Just drink responsibly, please!
  2. Don’t underestimate the sun. Sunblock saves lives.
  3. Always, always stay in groups – safety first… but also, more friends to wine with!
  4. Never accept drinks from a stranger. Your mom would be proud.
  5. Leave all of your valuables at home (jewelry etc.) – But walk with yuh ‘vex money’ (minimal, necessary cash incase of emergency)
  6. Sunglasses are always a good idea – nothing like sun protection and a subtle ‘maco’ device, all at once.
  7. Water. Water. Water. The people want … Water!
  8. Always wear your pouch to the front, it’s not only safer, but better to show off that wine.
  9. Wear comfortable shoes!! Otherwise it will feel as though you have run a marathon in heels, and who really wants that, right?
  10. Be aware and cautious around all parade vehicles (bar trucks, music trucks etc). Accidents happen … don’t be the accident.
  11. Chapped lips are never cute. Use lip balm!
  12. While you’re grooming yourself, make sure that your toenails are cut. Ask no questions. Just trust us.
  13. Arrange a specific meeting point with your friends within the band. There’s always that one friend …
  14. That’s enough advice for one day, but we couldn’t end on 13.